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f: Since we are in and out of the office, e-mail is the best way to contact us. Thanks!
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a missing puzzle piece. How can I get a replacement puzzle?

A: The Charles Wysocki Gallery does not make the puzzles. We buy them from Buffalo Games. Please visit their website at and click on their customer service link for help with missing puzzle pieces.

Q: Can I order older puzzles or puzzles I do not see on your website? Do you have a list of all Charles Wysocki puzzles ever made?

A: The only puzzles we have to sell are those listed on our website. We do not have a list of puzzles. The puzzles have been made since the 1980's, long before we started the gallery.

Q: Do you have a catalog of Charles Wysocki puzzles and products you can mail to me?

A: Due to printing and shipping costs we no longer offer a catalog of products we currently sell, we only have our website. Our website is constantly updated and contains the latest information on Charles Wysocki items. Any old catalogs still out in circulation are no longer valid, and cannot be used to order items.

Q: I have a print that I found at an estate sale that I do not see on your website. Is it worth anything?

A: All hand signed and limited edition prints are pictured on our website and come with a certificate of authenticity. Unless there is a pencil signature next to the printed signature (2 signatures total), you have an older open edition print made by The Bernard Picture Co. These are valued at about $10 as thousands were produced. If you have a print with an image size of about 13 x 12 or smaller, you have a page from the Americana Wall Calendar or Engagement Calendar that has been cut out and framed up. These have no value.

Q: Do you buy back or take on consignment prints, canvas transfers, or original artwork?

A: We do not buy back or resell prints. The best avenue for reselling your prints is to list them for sale on one of the internet auction sites. We are currently not taking new consignments for original paintings, please contact an art auction house if you wish to sell.

Q: I have a comment or question about the Americana Calendars. Who can I contact?

A: The Americana Calendars are made by the MeadWestvaco Corporation. Their phone number is 1-800-345-6323.

Q: I have an idea for a Charles Wysocki product. Who can I contact?

A: Our licensing company, Mosaic Licensing, handles all product development. They can be contacted at

Q: Is there a walk in store I can come visit?

A: We once had a walk in store in Lake Arrowhead, CA from 1994-2006. We closed that down in 2006. Now we are only on-line.

Q: Do you do identifications, or determine values on Charles Wysocki artwork or gift items?

A: We no longer do appraisals, or identifications of original paintings, lithographs, prints, gift items such as plates, sculptures, trays, or any framed artwork. These requests are overwhelming and we are unable to keep up with the demand. You can identify and find values of these items by doing on-line searches.

Q: I have a piece of artwork I found by Charles Wysocki that I wanted more information about. Can you tell me the title of the painting and when it was painted?

A: Due to the number of requests we receive on a daily basis we no longer do identifications or appraisals.

If you have a question about an order or placing an order. Please email us at the email address above.

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